Summer Glassblowing Camp  June 17 – 21,

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Beat the Heat with Kiln-Forming Workshops and Classes

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Be the Best with our Unique Client Appreciation Events

Client Appreciation Events are a great way to keep your referral and client base both strong and loyal. They help boost your credibility and increase ...
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The One-and-Only Open-Access Studio in the greater Houston Area

What does it mean to be an open-access studio? We also offer a free narrated demo for individuals and small groups to attend on the ...
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What is a Glassblowing Experience?

An experience in glassblowing starts by melting pure silica (sand-sized) with various chemicals added, called batch or cullet (pre-heated). The furnace crucible (pot) is where ...
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Glassblowing Studio Rental Info

All you need to know about Studio Rental

We provide studio rental time to experienced glassmakers in our hot shop, warm glass studio, and cold working studio.   If it is your first ...
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