1st Saturday Free Demo 4-6 pm May 4th

Summer Glassblowing Camp June 3-7 and June 17 – 21, Intro to Glassblowing

Be the Best with our Unique Client Appreciation Events

Client Appreciation Events are a great way to keep your referral and client base both strong and loyal. They help boost your credibility and increase your brand’s awareness. Events let your customers see you in a new and different light.

And, of course, appreciating customers makes them feel valuable. And we all like to feel that.

Research indicates several great events can help reinforce your relationship with your existing clients. Two of them are holding an educational event and showing your support for the Arts! If you host an event with Glassblowing Houston, you will do both.

We can teach you things that few others can in our narrated demonstration and our hands-on glassblowing experiences. During the demonstration, we will speak about the ongoing processes and discuss glass, its history, composition, and use in today’s society. Each person will get to pick their forms and colors. They will work one-on-one with an experienced glass maker to make their piece. They will get to help apply the color, blow & shape the piece. They might even play with fire or break the form off the pipe by gently tapping.  

You can upgrade your event by adding a narrated demo where they can learn even more about glass, its history, and the processes being used in the studio. The narrated demo is both educational and entertaining.

They will experience the magic of glass and Be Blown Away at the Hottest Place in Town. Afterward, they will share their experience with their family, friends, and colleagues and tell them about you and how you treated them royally at this glass-making event!

We hope to hear from you soon when you schedule your next client appreciation event with Glassblowing Houston.