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Kiln-Forming is a glass art technique that involves shaping and fusing glass in a kiln. We offer both project workshops (2 hours) and a series of kiln-forming classes (three classes which are two days each).

Ever wonder what is meant by kiln-forming techniques?  What the difference is between kiln-forming and warm glass? Between fusing and kiln casting? What temperatures do these all take place in? Participate in our workshops and classes, you will learn this and more!

Kiln-forming is the process of making glass and shaping it using heat and gravity in a kiln. Glass fusing, slumping, and kiln casting are all part of kiln-formed or warm glass.

Specialty glass manufactured for use in the kiln is called kiln-glass. One of its properties is compatibility, allowing the glass to combine with other compatible glass into one piece.

As glass is heated, it becomes soft and sticky. As the temperature increases, the glass becomes a liquid. Once the glass is molten, physical processes like gravity allow it to fill the space in which it is contained and join it (fuses it) with other compatible glass in the same area. Once this has happened, the temperature is lowered through an annealing process so that the glass resumes its original structure. Glass is a material like no other!

You can read more on kiln-forming techniques here.

Any Time Kiln-Forming Workshops

The Kiln-forming workshops at Glassblowing Houston provide a unique opportunity for individuals to delve into the world of glass art and have hands-on learning experiences in this art form. They offer participants the opportunity to learn kiln-forming techniques, experiment with different materials and designs, and develop their artistic skills in a supportive environment through a range of instructions catering to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced artists.

Participants in our Kiln-forming workshops will learn various techniques such as glass cutting, fusing, casting, painting, construction to create stunning and intricate pieces as shown in the examples below.  They learn how to manipulate glass sheets, molds, and other tools to achieve desired shapes and textures. They also learn about the various types of glass and materials used in kiln-forming, as well as the different firing schedules and temperatures required for specific effects.

Through the process of firing glass in a kiln, they observe the transformation of their creations into beautiful, solid glass objects.The hands-on nature of these workshops enables participants to experiment with different designs and techniques, ultimately creating unique kiln-formed glass pieces.

Glassblowing Houston’s workshops offer a supportive and collaborative environment where participants can engage with fellow artists, exchange ideas, and receive feedback on their work. This fosters a sense of community and encourages artistic growth and exploration.

Overall, kiln-forming workshops provide a practical and immersive learning experience for individuals interested in exploring the art of kiln-formed glass. They offer a valuable platform for individuals to learn and practice the art of shaping and fusing glass. These Kiln-forming workshops cater to a wide range of skill levels and provide participants with the necessary knowledge and experience to create stunning kiln-formed glass pieces.  Attendees can hone their skills, expand  their artistic horizons, and create  beautiful glass art pieces.


Any Time Kiln-Forming Classes

The kiln-forming classes at Glassblowing Houston are strong on theory to help build an understanding of what is happening to the glass as it transforms in the kiln.  They are supported by examples and by demonstrations.  

Ever wonder what the difference is between kiln-forming and warm glass? Between fusing and kiln casting? What temperatures do these all take place in? Take our Foundations of Kiln-Forming to find out!

Safety:  Please bring your own personal safety gear (N95 mask), safety glasses, or prescription eyeglasses  (We can allow the use of ours if necessary.)
Food:  Bring your own as desired.
Materials: Sketchbook/notebook & writing utensil
Supplies:  Included
Classes and project workshops are limited to a total of 6 attendees.

Participants will make at least four projects in Kiln-Forming I, at least four different elements to create visual textures in Kiln-Forming II.  In the third workshop, participants will demonstrate their learnings by designing two to four pieces with the parts they have made. 

We use COE 96, so if you have experience kiln-forming and want to bring your own design elements or favorite glass to Kiln-Forming III please make sure it is COE96.

Most kiln firing will be completed post-class due to limited kiln space.  Firing schedules are included. Your final pieces will not be available until one week post-class time.  Shipping is available at your expense.

Everyone who makes glass with us must read and sign our online safety waiver.

If participants are under the age of 18, the safety waiver must be read and signed by the parent or legal guardian with the child’s name as the participant.

We have a no refund policy.  72 hours notice is required for a free reschedule.

We look forward to making glass with you.

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