1st Saturday Free Demo 4-6 pm May 4th

Summer Glassblowing Camp June 3-7 and June 17 – 21, Intro to Glassblowing

All you need to know about Studio Rental

We provide studio rental time to experienced glassmakers in our hot shop, warm glass studio, and cold working studio.   If it is your first time working at Three Dimensional Visions, we require a competency check. In this free 30 minute session, you will be asked to make something, define what you want to accomplish in the warm glass studio, or describe how to use the cold working equipment. Anyone you use as an assistant must pass this check also. Everyone who makes glass in the studio must read and sign our online safety waiver.

Hot Shop Rental

  • We will rent the studio daily with our gaffers as your assistants.  Normally the rental preference is 2-hour increments. You can bring your own assistant, blow solo, or use one of our glassmakers (there is a charge for this).
  • Hourly rental includes using our smaller glory hole, one bench, tools, torches, and 1/4 of the front load annealer per 2-hour session. Please start your annealer load at the very back of the available space and load pieces as close together as possible. Glass is included.  If you become a heavy user of glass, we will start making an additional glass charge.
  • Glassmakers/renters must supply their color, safety apparel, blow hoses. Feel free to bring your tools (please make sure they are labeled without confusion).
  • Would you please use our online booking system for your rental needs?

Available Rental Hours

  • Thursday – Sunday 10 am – 5 pm
  • No studio assistants/instructors available during lunch hour (12-1 pm)

Rental time can be scheduled regularly.  However, we reserve the right to change your schedule if we reserve the time for a group event.  We will notify you as early as possible when this happens.

We have limited storage for finished pieces. Please pick them up as soon as possible. We will dispose of pieces if the owner does not contact us and leaves them at the studio for more than thirty days.

A two-hour notice for hourly rental in the hot studio is needed, in case we have to turn on a glory hole.

Looking for a glassblowing partner? Let us know, and we will put up a contact list to have a glassy partner.  We love having you in the studio and look forward to seeing you there again soon. Happy glassblowing!