1st Saturday Free Demo 4-6 pm May 4th

Summer Glassblowing Camp June 3-7 and June 17 – 21, Intro to Glassblowing

Studio Rental

Have experience but need a place to work? You can rent studio time in our Hot Shop. We supply the raw glass cullet in the Hot Shop, but the color and other supplies are up to you. (We don’t have extra glass supplies.)

We rent glassblowing time  in 2 hour increments for our smallest glory hole to experience makers.  Hourly rates include use of small glory hole, up to 10 lbs of glass per hour, use of pipe warmer, pipe cooler, bench, marver, shared use of garage and/or color box, 1/4 of shared annealer (for 2 hrs) for a regular 18-hr cycle.

  • More than 10 lbs glass/hr  will be charged at $4/lb. of glass removed from the furnace and will include the work, crackoff, and drip off.
  • The Hot Shop must be scheduled in 2-hour sessions.  Any exceptions must be approved by the studio head.
  • Use of our hand tools & pipes is  $25/session.  Please clean tools and shuck pipes before leaving.
  • Torch fees are $3/hour for fluffy (Exact torch) and Map Gas  and $5/hr for Oxy-Gas Torch
  • Pipe Storage – $25/month  (store your marked pipes at the studio)

Annealing Time

  • Please start your annealer load at the very back of the available space and load pieces as close together as possible.
  • Long Anneal – $25/Each Additional 6 hours (Must be pre-arranged)
  • Additional Annealer space – $50/regular cycle (Must be pre-arranged) per 1/4 annealer

Glassmakers/renters must supply their own color, safety apparel, blow hoses, mouth pieces if using our pipes.  Feel free to bring your own hand tools (please make sure they are labeled, so there is no confusion).

  • Assistants are available for $25/hr
Our studio is available for day rental from experienced glassmakers.  $1500/day  Price includes 1-2 assistants as needed.  If more than 10 pounds of glass is used per hour, there will  be an additional charge.