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Build a Better Team – the why of Team Building

We specialize in events including Holiday Parties, Celebrations, Client Appreciation, and Team Building! You can read or listen to my message.

Hi, this is Sally with Glassblowing Houston. I am the artist owner of the Houston area’s only open-access glassblowing studio. We are a destination location in Tomball just off the Grand Parkway.

We love to host events! As a company owner or team leader, you constantly strive to build a better team, improve your team’s performance, and make your employees feel valued.  

Research has shown that team-building 

  • fosters innovation and creativity through collaboration, 
  • celebrations improve motivation and team spirit
  • Participating in a social activity enables employees to see each other from a different perspective.

So why don’t you hold a team event with Glassblowing Houston? It builds trust, fosters innovation and creativity, and perhaps even enhances productivity. Working together socially helps improve communication and company culture.

We offer a team-building event that is a hands-on, glassblowing experience. Everyone gets to select their form and colors. Then they help apply the colors, blow, heat, and shape the piece. They may even play with fire and tap their piece off the pipe. It will be an experience they will talk about together for days to come.

You can also upgrade your event with a narrated glassblowing demo. A large glass piece will be created, and you can observe and question and see how our team works together to solve problems.

Give your team an event to remember! Be blown away at the hottest place in town!

Sally with Glassblowing Houston.