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Building on Ideas, The Upcycling of Creativity

glassblower, the man

One of our readers stated that creativity is just putting your materials in your hands and letting something spontaneous happen. Yes, that is one viewpoint. The creativity I want to speak about today is taking something created for one purpose, melding it with a new idea, and synthesizing it into something new. Perhaps today’s term would be the upcycling of creativity.

We have struggled over signage for the studio front to announce who and what we are. Numerous sign companies have made a pitch to us all with good designs, but wow, the cost. So we put the idea on the back burner, hoping that something would bubble up.

Then one day, Patrick said why don’t we take that man from the back garden at the house and make him into a glass blower. Well, that sculpture was originally a self-portrait that Michael did back in the early 1990s. It is a welded aluminum piece entitled “Escape from the Trapezoid.” He is life-size and has one arm extended t in front of him, ready for a blowpipe and a little glass. We have decided that the base will be about the same size as the man and will be covered by our recycled glass as a mosaic of flames. An led light will source the glass ball at the end of the blowpipe.  

Now, folks, that’s one version of creativity – repurposing something to fit your current needs. We are excited to get started on our new glassblowing colleague. Come on by and see how he is taking shape!   (Unfortunately, this idea is yet to be executed.  There are only so many moments in a day.)

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