1st Saturday Free Demo 4-6 pm May 4th

Summer Glassblowing Camp June 3-7 and June 17 – 21, Intro to Glassblowing

Experiential Custom Glass Art

We love helping you create (experiential) glass designs and the challenge of making your dreams into reality!  Your glass piece should be just what you want, so the process takes effort.

We used to start our custom designs with a design meeting and prototyping.  We would prototype them if our client desired a different color or form.    It involved a deposit and a contract, and a lot of time.  (We have limited staff and blow days outside of teaching).  Now we do things a little differently.  We want you to be a part of the design and experience just what it takes to accomplish the reality.  We think this provides you with what you desire and a story to tell each time someone admires your piece(s).

Experiential Custom designs for specialty glass might start with a phone call or an email.  But to assess whether this is something we can successfully make with you: an image or drawing of the form of interest is needed.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!  If any hardware is involved in connecting the glass to anything else, we need to know all about that.  Please also include the desired dimensions of the form(s), including height, depth, and width.  If there could be weight considerations, we must know that also.  Some art forms might be too tall or too wide for us to make without additional assistance, including another glassmaker or a blow mold.  That doesn’t mean we can’t help you if that’s the case. It just means a little more time and money.

Once we have an idea of the form you want, we can estimate how long it will take.  Then you can be a part of the team for the hour, the day, or three days to accomplish the job.  Sometimes additional colors or materials must be purchased, which will be part of the price.   Remember, everything is handmade, and quality takes time and experience.