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Release Agreement for Art Glass Repair

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About Your Piece
“Repair Customer” requests services from the “Repair Studio” to repair a broken glass piece. “Repair Customer” understands that the “Repair Studio” is not liable or responsible for any problems arising from the attempted repair. “Repair Customer” has been informed of the possibilities that their glass piece may fracture, chip, or break during this process. The Repair Customer understands that:* The “Repair Studio” will do their best to fulfill and complete the requested repair successfully but they understand that it is not always possible and releases the “Repair Studio” from any liability arising from the repair attempt.* They are paying for the attempt to repair, not for the successful completion of a repair. * They have one month to pick up their piece once they are notified that the repair has been attempted/completed. The “Repair Studio” has limited storage and will dispose of the piece at their discretion if it is not picked up within 30 days. * Any shipping of the piece will require packing and shipping fees to be paid by the “Repair Customer”. If shipped the piece will be insured for the estimated original price shown above.