Summer Glassblowing Camp June 3-7 and June 17 – 21,

Intro to Glassblowing

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Introduction to Glassblowing

Come learn to glass blow and experience the magic of hot glass!

This series of personalized classes will take you through safety, learning to gather from the furnace, mounting and working at the bench, and using essential glassblowing tools. You will be learning the fundamental skills that you will use whenever you blow glass for the rest of your life! You will make simple projects in clear glass, which may include a caterpillar, ornament, implosion bowl, cup, a cup with a handle, and perhaps a 7-inch cylinder. What you end up with is your creation, not something made by the instructor. Completing this introductory series will probably take from six-eight individual one-hour classes. After completing this series,  you can rent time in the studio.

To blow glass well takes a lot of practice, building muscle memory, and getting used to the studio environment. You will learn about equipment, working temperatures, and how glass must cool slowly.

Everyone who makes glass with us must read and sign our online safety waiver.

From: $225.00