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pumpkins, pumpkin patch

Supply & Demand in the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are in season, and everyone loves them! They look great on your table to celebrate  Fall, Halloween, and for giving Thanks in November. So ...
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Where is the heart & soul of Creativity?

Creativity is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it isn’t. It’s erratic, nonlinear, and unreliable. It defies logic and often endorses the opposite. ...
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Enriching Lives through Artistic Self-Expression, that is Our Mission

Enriching lives through artistic self-expression is the tagline for our business, GlassblowingHouston, previously known as Three Dimensional Visions. So you might think, what’s involved with that, ...
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Glass – a state of mind or a state of matter?

We get many questions about glass in the studio, so I thought we might provide some info to help you understand “Why Glass”! For us, ...
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Our Pumpkins Don’t Spoil! They are made of Glass!

Our annual pumpkin patch for 2022 is October 1-2. This is October’s first weekend, so our Free 1st Saturday Demo is from 4 – 6 ...
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pumpkin patch

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere – The Fall Pumpkin Crop is Here!

Pumpkins are in season, and everyone loves them!  They look great on your table to celebrate Fall.  So why buy a pumpkin that will spoil ...
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Creativity a key Capability for the Future of Humankind

What do you think creativity is? Is creativity the phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created? To me, the capacity to be creative is ...
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cracked crucible

Removing the Glass, the Emptying of the pot!

The picture above is the results of emptying the pot! Annually we must do maintenance on our electrical glass furnace. Maintenance includes checking the elements, ...
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Welcome Glass Enthusiasts this is a place to learn more.

Welcome to all Glass Enthusiasts ! Big smiles opening our studio in 2014!  Welcome glass lovers to the world of GlassblowingHouston! We want to connect ...
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