Wall Installation | Wavy Bowl Installation | Select Your Own

Small: 14″
Medium: 14-18″
Large: 18-22″
Extra Large: 22″

Sculptural Wavy Bowls make a beautiful wall installation, and you can also use them individually on top of your furniture. They will be the focal point of your room and a conversation starter for every gathering.

We are happy to do a set for your space in the colors and designs you select. The typical waiting time is two-three months. Better yet, why not sign up for our Ultimate Glassblowing Adventure, and you can be part of the team that designs and creates the entire installation. Included are a few image installations and designs.

If you want one or two wavy bowls, you can select them from our gallery wall mix, which is constantly changing. Or, you can sign up to make them in our Blowing Bigger Glassblowing Experience. These will be the small size plates.

Specialty designs that use cane, murinni, or metal foils will raise the base price.

Prices do not include installation.