Summer Glassblowing Camp  June 17 – 21,

Intro to Glassblowing

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Rodeo Time | Cowboy Hat | Seasonal Glassblowing Experience

It’s Rodeo time, and this experience is about enjoying the season in a grander way.  Celebrate the Houston Rodeo with your own Cowboy Hat.  You will help decide on the details, including color and band type, how the crown is shaped, and how the brim is styled.    You will remember this experience for years to come.

Everyone who makes glass with us must read and sign our online safety waiver.  If participants are under 18, the safety waiver must be read and signed by their parent or legal guardian with the child’s name as the participant.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your reservation for your safety orientation and color selection.  Failure of all participants to arrive 15 minutes early may result in the loss of your reservation or the inability to finish all your pieces in the allotted time frame.

We look forward to making glass with you.

From: $350.00