Beat the Heat with Kiln-Forming Workshops and Classes

Kiln-Forming III: Let Your Creativity Flow

Kiln-Forming III takes place on two consecutive days based on the date you select.

Combine what you have learned in our Foundations Course, Creating Tactile & Visual Textures, and perhaps even Experimenting with Kiln-forming Projects to design and make new pieces with the parts you have created.  Bring your favorite parts to form two stunning pieces, which will be fused and/or slumped as needed.  You can spend your time creating a new part or parts to complete the set you already have.

This is also an opportunity to cold work any parts that might need a little extra love to shape or polish them.   Perhaps you will work with stencil and powder if you haven’t done that yet to create another part.

Everyone who makes glass with us must read and sign our online safety waiver.

If participants are under 18, the safety waiver must be read and signed by the parent or legal guardian with the child’s name as the participant.

We have a no-refund policy.  72 hours’ notice is required for a free reschedule.

We look forward to making glass with you.

From: $425.00