1st Saturday Free Demo 4-6 pm May 4th

Summer Glassblowing Camp June 3-7 and June 17 – 21, Intro to Glassblowing

Kiln-Forming II: Creating Visual and Tactile Textures

This two-day class takes place on the 2nd Saturday and 2nd Sunday of February, May, August, and November from 10 am to 5 pm. Requires two (2) students for the weekend classes to make.

What do you want to make?  What do you want it to look like?  What parts do you need?  Do you want to create actual physical texture or just visual texture?  This is all about making design elements for your pieces.  Learn how to create tactile and visual textures for your glass forms.

As a geologist, I love making strata and deforming them. One of the ways to do that is in pattern bars (Reflections on Glass, Cross-Over Series & Studio Life – Shape Shifters). Raised dots can mimic lots of things in nature. Screen or pot melts allow the glass to flow from one level to another, just like magma from a volcano.

Stringers or noodles can be purchased online or from your local glass store. They can also be made in the hot shop or in a warm glass studio using a vitrograph.

Murrini can be made in molds in the warm glass studio or in the hot shop – we might have a demo showing this in action!
We can change the design of a piece by getting it hot and combing it in the warm glass studio or raking it in the hot shop. There are lots of things to learn, observe, and experiment with.

Please click here to read and sign our safety waiver BEFORE coming to the studio.

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