Summer Glassblowing Camp  June 17 – 21,

Intro to Glassblowing

Beat the Heat with Kiln-Forming Workshops and Classes

Kiln-Forming I: Foundations of Kiln-Forming

Our Kiln-Forming I class takes place on two consecutive days of your choice, based on the date you select. Classes are always better with friends so try and get one to sign up with you.

Learn the basics of working safely with glass in the warm glass studio – an introduction to fusing, slumping, kiln casting, and cold working.

What is kiln forming?  What is a warm glass studio? What is slumping?  What is kiln casting?

Why?  Being creative is fun.  It relieves the tension of your everyday life.  Every one of us can do it.  A strong Foundation is important.  My Dad wore a large-size shoe, and he always told me a church needs a good foundation.  I think that applies to everything in life.  If we learn the basics, then we can progressively build on them.

Everyone who makes glass with us must read and sign our online safety waiver.

If participants are under 18, the safety waiver must be read and signed by the parent or legal guardian with the child’s name as the participant.

We have a no-refund policy.  72 hours’ notice is required for a free reschedule.

We look forward to making glass with you.

From: $450.00