Cane | Football Season at My House

Size: 12″ x 6″ x 6″
Artist: Patrick Kerry Brown

This football-shaped sculptural piece is made from three different cane forms in alternating patterns and is topped with a black lip wrap. The shape is wonderful and is reminiscent of a football on an “ice” base.

Cane is a color application where a thin rod of glass is made from various glass rods of different colors to form a design. Cane ranges from simple to complex. A simple cane is basically a cylinder of colored glass coated with clear glass. There is also a cased cane where the clear is coated with color. Then with complex cane, there are multiple designs, really only limited by the creator’s skill and imagination. Flat Cane is another cane-making process where a color cup is made and stuffed and the cane is then flattened and pulled.