The Zen of Warm Glass

Kiln-forming is a glass art technique that involves shaping and fusing glass in a kiln. The Kiln-forming workshops at Glassblowing Houston provide a unique opportunity for individuals to delve into the world of glass art and have hands-on learning experiences in this art form. They offer participants the opportunity to learn kiln-forming techniques, experiment with different materials and designs, and develop their artistic skills in a supportive environment through a range of instructions catering to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced artists.

Participants in our Kiln-forming workshops will learn various techniques such as slumping, fusing, and casting glass to create stunning and intricate pieces. Attendees will gain practical knowledge about glass cutting, shaping, and layering techniques. They learn how to manipulate glass sheets, molds, and other tools to achieve desired shapes and textures. They also learn about the various types of glass and materials used in kiln-forming, as well as the different firing schedules and temperatures required for specific effects.

Through the process of firing glass in a kiln, they observe the transformation of their creations into beautiful, solid glass objects.The hands-on nature of these workshops enables participants to experiment with different designs and techniques, ultimately creating unique kiln-formed glass pieces.

Glassblowing Houston’s workshops offer a supportive and collaborative environment where participants can engage with fellow artists, exchange ideas, and receive feedback on their work. This fosters a sense of community and encourages artistic growth and exploration. 

Overall, kiln-forming workshops provide a practical and immersive learning experience for individuals interested in exploring the art of kiln-formed glass. They offer a valuable platform for individuals to learn and practice the art of shaping and fusing glass. These Kiln-forming workshops cater to a wide range of skill levels and provide participants with the necessary knowledge and experience to create stunning kiln-formed glass pieces. Whether for personal enjoyment or professional pursuits, kiln-forming workshop attendees can hone their skills, expand  their artistic horizons, and create  beautiful glass art pieces.

Glassblowing Houston offers space for creativity and skill development.

Kiln-Forming Workshops

Two Summer Workshops Available | Sunflowers or Mushrooms

Wednesday 10-12:30 pm

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Kiln-Forming Classes - 2nd Weekend each month
Require 4 attendees for class to make